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Our Story

From humble beginnings to great accomplishments...


Extreme Racing Engines was begun in 2003 by owner/operator Richard White in his garage.  From that small facility, he began to construct winning racing engines for customers all over the state with all types of racing and performance needs.  His customers have included a wide range of people, including current NASCAR sensation Joey Logano.  When ERE moved to its new facility in 2008, new equipment was added, allowing for even better engine construction.  With the addition of a dyno in early 2010, ERE has become the go-to place in middle Georgia for high performance engines. 



When you invest your money in an engine, you don't want it to be "okay".  You don't want it to be "alright".  You want it to be great.  You want it to be EXTREME.


We provide the best engines in the area, bar none.  With a history of top finishes and wins, ERE is respected throughout Georgia and the nation as a producer of some of the most high quality engines.  If you have the determination and the resources to be a competitor, we will bring you to the finish line.